Korean Iron Girl

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Holy shit, that's another TV star competing for Dangerous Curves! You all know Salina from her pro wrestling antics, but how will she take to our style of Unscripted fighting? Eden is going to introduce her to it the hard way! Not only is this a battle of two hot Latinas, pro versus DC, and two booty babes, but strength versus style experience. Salina clearly has the size advantage, but Eden knows how to do this and is scoring points on the famous heel while Salina is still adjusting to 10 count pins! Salina adapts, and when she catches on, you'll be treated to her stretching Eden in all configurations. Eden knows her strengths though, and that's her legs which keep her in this match. But Salina has a pair too and seems Eden's equal when it comes to head and body scissors! You'll also get arms bars, a variety of pins, hair pulling, a camel clutch, bow & arrows, Boston crabs, corner work, rope work, chokes and strikes like slaps, elbows, knees, and stomach punching, all of which keeps it close until the end. Salina heels it up and gets rough, brutalizing Eden with techniques she hasn't experienced before until she's beaten down enough Salina can do those delicious pro moves she's been wanting to do. And you'll love every second of it! You get a very clear winner, since the loser is hung upside down for all to see. But is it Eden showing the pro how it's done? Or Salina domination? Find out!

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Download Clip - DC 340 - EDEN VS SALINA
  • Length : 30 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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