Korean Iron Girl

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Two veterans of the DC mats do battle once again and a highly anticipated rematch! It's golden girl Kat, the former champ, taking on Eden, who's looking buff in her sexy silver body suit. Man, those outfits just make the girls look like the prefect wrestlerettes of your dreams, because they deliver a dream of a match! Eden has been looking great lately. In the best shape of her career here, more focused, and she's quickly getting known for her killer body scissors, some of which have Kat howling in pain! Underestimate the Latina bonita at your own risk! But Kat, we all know, has a mean streak and has taken some loses lately, and wants to take it out on Eden. What follows is one hell of a match that keeps you glued to the screen as much as those suits are glues to their incredible bodies, with both ladies taking turns on top, scoreboard and literally! The action includes snug pins, chokes, scissor holds of course, full nelsons, a camel clutch, plus a lot more! This match is always close, closer that it should be for a former champ taking on a fighter underwater with her win-loss record. It's anyone's match late! Kat cannot let Eden hang around because she's in danger of losing in an upset to a very feisty Eden who's looking to lose the jobber label. Is Kat slipping? Or is Eden finding the zone? One things for damn skippy: The loser takes some mean post match and pays dearly for her 'sins'!

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Download Clip - DC 338 - KAT VS EDEN
  • Length : 30 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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