Korean Iron Girl

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Battle of the two newest DC girls here, one more experienced than the other, but by the time this is over, one looks like a veteran! It's tall, strong, and athletic beauty Aria, taking on the mouthy, mean blonde Vivien, who likes to use he gift of trash talk to try and intimidate her opponents ahead of time, but it gets her no where with Aria. After only a few fights to her name, Aria has a quiet and sexy confidence and doesn't get flustered by Vivien's words. In fact, she makes it so the blondes mouth writes checks her ass can't cash! Almost right from the start you can tell this isn't going to go well for Vivien, as before you know it, she's already behind in the score, with each fall coming from a different hold or pin. Is Aria just showing off now? Could be, and you'll love to see every minute of it! Aria is getting more and more comfortable in the dominate role and is taking the time to show off, taunt, and pose herself when she knows she in control. She clearly gets it and is now rattling through an arsenal of moves she's learned such as utilizing those legs of hers with head and body scissors, all sorts of chokes like rear and straight jacket, school girl, grapevine, and matchbook pins; plus more. By the end she has Vivien tapping out and getting counted out by will, and shows zero mercy during an absolutely brutal ending which has Aria giving Vivien her trash talk right back by demanding she say her name!

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Download Clip - DC 333 - ARIA VS VIVIEN
  • Length : 30 mins
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