Korean Iron Girl

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No.1 Prostyle-catfight movie in the world. Korean Irongirl Match official home page




Where else are you going to find two absolute knockout babes who could easily be Instagram models, both with boobs, butts, legs and just all over toned up bodies fighting it out to see who's best? We give you another classic DC style match up with Eden taking on Lee! Both gorgeous fighters couldn't be more evenly matched, and it shows all throughout in what ends up being a super close match until the very end, when one beauty starts taking over and dominating! The lead up to it is everything you could ask for: fit bodies straining, flexing, and squeezing for every advantage they can get over the other! Both could use a win: Lee is right on the verge of breaking though for title opportunities and another win here should get her back on track. Eden loses a lot and looks great doing it but you always finding yourself cheering for her after you see the passion she has an how hard she tries. But trying doesn't get you any sympathy on the DC mats, just humiliated when you're getting posed on after a loss, so both girls are using that as motivation to not be in that position! And they throw every thing that can at each other to prove it: body scissors galore, chokes, sexy smothers, schoolgirl pins, the always popular camel clutch, full nelsons, punching, spanking, you name it! It goes on and on and you wont want this match do end, but it does when one hottie is just worn the fuck out with nothing else to give!

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Download Clip - DC 320 - EDEN VS LEE
  • Length : 29 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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