Korean Iron Girl

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We just keep bringing you the most exciting matches and this instant classic is no exception! Top blonde versus new blonde here, and a highly requested match, getting Kat and Daisy together on our mats! Since both babes boast beautiful booties, they're geared up in the perfect thong bikinis and fishnets! You're welcome! Now while the 'show' aspect is taken care of, they both can provide the 'go', since a little rivalry and dislike for each other outside of our site is fueling their desire to be the one posing in victory! And that's clear right from the start; there's no fucking around, right from the fade in they're on each other, going for a take down and trying to get the first control. Kat is clearly more experienced and that comes across as she's able to escape and counter Daisy frequently. But Daisy is hella strong and it's just a matter of time before all those body scissors and head scissors catch up to the more slender Kat, leaving her just her own will power to avoid giving up! This low scoring contest sees both all-American babes punish each other with face locks, various UFC style chokes, full nelsons, a camel clutch, front and reverse school girl pins, hair pulling, and so much more you wont want it to end! It does with delicious irony when one catches the other in a hold that she's tapped to many times, leaving her enemy just absolutely wiped out on the mat! Who? No spoilers, but she's blonde!

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Download Clip - DC 315 - KAT VS DAISY
  • Length : 30 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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