Korean Iron Girl

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Ready for some blonde on blonde action?! This match up has been requested for a while so, awesome dudes that we are, we decided to make it happen! Finally upstart blonde 'Kawaii Girl' Gwen, who always fights hard but frequently finds herself on the losing end of things, takes on the brash, talented, and oh yeah, wildly popular and hot former DC champ blonde Kat! Right from the frantic start you can tell this is going to be interesting, as it seems Gwen is sick of being picked on and goes right after Kat, who maybe wasn't expecting it! If Kat was thinking she'd have an easy match against a cutie who she doesn't think even belongs on the same mats with her, Gwen is here to make her think differently! Have to admit, on paper, Kat would have every right to think that, but that's why we let them fight! Gwen is surprisingly competitive to Kat in this one and there's many lead changes involving full nelsons, chokes, body and head scissors galore, surf boards, pins, and even fancier stuff such as Boston crabs, lotus locks, arm bars and more! It's really either hotties match right up until the very end! Gwen is always either getting dominated or just so close to pulling off a win that she's got to be due for one eventually, right? Kat can have a bad match once in a while, right? Could this be a major upset in the making? The loser is even made to admit it and then left on the mat to sit in her loss!

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Download Clip - DC 304 - KAT VS GWEN
  • Length : 31 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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