Korean Iron Girl

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Eden is starting to come into her own, achieving her first win and then battling Saya in a hellatious bout, the Puerto Rican beauty is looking to get back into the win column in a big time way against a former DC champ, blonde bombshell Kat! After a epic match against popular cat fighter Sara Brooke, the evil Kat is on the prowl for more victims on her way back into the title picture. And speaking of pictures, with both babes boasting the most picture perfect butts on the roster, we thought why not, for their first match up ever, have Kat and Eden in thongs? You're welcome! However, that's not the only place they're evenly matched. Not too many of the DC Girls can match Kat's legs but Eden is right there and maybe even stronger, and you can be sure they each take turns using them, with killer thighs wrapped around heads and mid sections, wearing each other down for some forceful pins like school girls and match books, along with chokes, full nelsons, a lotus lock, arm bars, and more! With both Kat and Eden this toned, stubborn, and competitive, the blonde's experience in high level matches may just be the difference. But is it difference enough to overcome Eden's passion and motivation? We're only giving away it's a sharp and painful ending for one whose body gets rocked. Then, left dejected and having to stare up at an extended posing session from the winner! Ouch, that's gotta sting!

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Download Clip - DC 266 - EDEN VS KAT
  • Length : 30 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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