Korean Iron Girl

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In spite of some really tough opponents and really close loses, Eden has shown a lot of progress and 'fighting spirit' and could be on the verge of a breakthrough. Well, she's going to need all of that against what may be her most challenging opponent yet, the super skilled 'Asian Sensation' Sumiko! To celebrate our new partnership with akibacom.jp, the girls look sexy as hell in the popular one piece suits and, while still the traditional Dangerous Curves style, they're encouraged to use some of the submissions seen in the Japanese 'pro catfight' matches. Sumiko knows plenty of those from her experience and takes great pleasure in working over Eden's back all throughout. Eden, still learning, keeps it more simple and uses her legs to try and squeeze the fight from the former DC Champ! The result is a match that should not be as close as it is with a first call not occurring until half way through the match! Eden shows heart despite being out wrestled and hangs tough, giving herself a chance to score a huge upset! Body scissors galore, chokes, head locks, full nelsons, a figure 4 head scissors, a standing Boston crab, some punching and even a stretch muffler are all utilized on the way to a climatic ending where one girl is just absolutely wiped out and cant really fight back any more in spite of her desire and is subjected to some long and painful torment at the end! Arigato, o tanoshimi kudasai!

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Download Clip - DC 253 - SUMIKO VS EDEN
  • Length : 32 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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