Korean Iron Girl

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Sometimes we get inquires from fans asking "Do you have two girls who just don't like each other?" Well, here you go, a big time grudge match! Kat doesn't take to losing well and has just been stewing while looking for the chance to get back at Mila after she humbled her in their first encounter. Mila was fine with beating some more sense into Kat to convince her she was in fact the baddest bitch on the mats! And if that wasn't enough reason to get this video, we negotiated some terms and stakes: First to 10 falls wins and she can knock the loser out however she wants! With both needing a big win and that type of framework, it's a title match atmosphere! The falls come fast and furious as both girls are scrambling to get to the magic number as quickly as possible to have all that time left to torment her victim! Kat hates being choked so Mila makes sure to do that, and Mila hates having her hair pulled, so Kat makes sure to yank it whenever possible! Body scissors, head scissors, various pins, Boston crabs, camel clutches galore, full nelsons, and even a dragon sleeper! Kat is vindictive as hell when she has the advantage and Mila, when its her turn on top, lays into the blonde with nasty and personal trash talk! The final point isn't going to be good enough here; the winner goes further and tries to force the loser to admit who won! Does it work? Cause she's going nighty night at some point! See who comes out of this one looking hot and who's left a mess on the mats!

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Download Clip - DC 219 - KAT VS MILA
  • Length : 31 mins
  • Price : $29.95 US



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